Bachalani Constructions


    Earlwood, NSW

  • TYPE

    Luxuy Builder


    Elevating the essence of luxury and precision, we embarked on a transformative branding journey with Bachalani, a distinguished construction company renowned for its 16-year legacy in Sydney. Specializing in unparalleled construction, renovation, and refurbishment services, Bachalani sought our expertise to rejuvenate their brand identity, aligning it more closely with their ethos of luxury, detail, and style. Our collaborative endeavour with Bachalani involved crafting a luxury brand aesthetic, featuring high-end typography and a captivating color palette, designed to reflect their commitment to excellence and attention to detail. This refreshed brand was seamlessly integrated across stationery, a minimalist website, dynamic social media presence, and professionally branded uniforms and signage. This comprehensive brand overhaul not only revitalized Bachalani's image but also firmly established them as leaders in the luxury construction sector, ensuring their brand now mirrors the quality of their services.

Logo symbol for luxury construction company Bachalani Constructions in Sydney
Social Media Moodboard that was designed for a luxury construction company Bachalani Constructions