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We are a boutique branding and marketing agency based on the Gold-Coast and Sydney, offering well-crafted marketing solutions
to real estate agents, property developers, architects and construction companies across Australia and overseas.

Our Story

For over a decade we have been providing branding and marketing services for the property sector.

Oneday was founded by Virginia O’Cleirigh who combined her love for property and well-crafted design to form an agency that catered solely for the property sector. In 2018, Virginia’s husband Donall O’Cleirigh became a partner in the company and Oneday Design Group was formed. We have gone from strength to strength ever since.

We are a small company and we like it that way. Clients deal directly with us, so nothing gets lost in translation and the whole process is more streamlined and rewarding for both parties, plus we don’t have the price tag of larger agencies. We are straight talkers, are flexible and responsive and genuinely love what we do. This is the reason 90% of our work comes from referrals.

Brand Director

Virginia O’Cleirigh

Virginia, with her 20+ years in marketing and business management, founded Oneday in 2013 after successfully running a boutique design agency for over a decade. Her background in marketing, advertising, and psychology provides her with profound insights into consumer behaviour and engagement. As a born project manager, she excels in delivering projects that exceed client expectations. Serving as the primary point of contact for Oneday clients, Virginia's passion for the property sector stems from her belief in the dynamic interaction between people and their environments, a conviction that fuels her commitment to shaping spaces that inspire.

Virginia O’Cleirigh 0407 956 281


Creative Director

Donall O’Cleirigh

Donall, the Creative Director at Oneday, brings over two decades of creative experience from Sydney's top advertising agencies. Since becoming a partner in 2018, his focus has shifted to the property sector, leveraging his award-winning background in FMCG, destination, and shopper marketing. Known for his ability to create brands that command attention in the marketplace, Donall is dedicated to innovation and the belief that effective branding is about making every interaction count. His creative methodology prioritises understanding the audience and the campaign's purpose, ensuring that marketing efforts are not just seen but felt, driving both attention and meaningful engagement.

Donall O’Cleirigh 0407 241 193


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